Hardwood Floors Looking a Little Worse for Wear?

Hardwood Floors Looking a Little Worse for Wear?

Refinish them with the help of Charlotte, NC’s Aybar Painting

Hardwood floors are gorgeous, but they tend to show their age over time. If heavy foot traffic has scuffed or scratched your floors, reach out to the team at Aybar Painting Inc. We offer hardwood floor refinishing services that will make your floors look like new! You can have us remove carpet and reveal the gorgeous hardwood underneath or restore your current hardwood floors. We will sand them down and go with the grain of the wood to avoid uneven patches. From there, our professionals will stain your floors and apply a finish that will make them shine!

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Hardwood floor refinishing services in Charlotte, North Carolina

Ready to reveal the gorgeous hardwood under your feet? Contact Aybar Painting. We will:

  • Remove all carpets or bonded pads from your hardwood floors
  • Sand the floors down to be sure they are even
  • Stain your floors
  • Apply a polyurethane finish to give them an added luster

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