What are the latest trends in commercial space painting techniques and designs? As professionals in this field, Aybar Painting is excited to share some of the most innovative and visually appealing approaches transforming commercial spaces today. In this blog post, we will delve into various aspects of these trends, providing valuable insights for commercial building owners looking to refresh their properties with a striking paint job.

We will explore zoning with bold colors, geometric patterns mixed with different materials, textured walls featuring metallic paint finishes, color blocking alongside ombre gradients, and an increasing focus on low-VOC paints. Additionally, selecting the right paint coatings and applications is essential for achieving optimal results.

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Zoning with Bold Colors

One significant trend in commercial space painting is the use of bold colors to distinguish “zones” within open spaces. Open floor plans have become increasingly popular as they promote employee interaction and collaboration, especially in creative industries such as design studios and advertising agencies.


Creating Visual Boundaries Using Color Variations

To effectively create zones, consider incorporating different shades or complementary colors that visually separate areas while maintaining a cohesive look. For example, you can use pastel tones for common areas and bolder hues for focused workspaces.


Popular Color Choices for Zoning

  • Cool Blues: Encourage focus and productivity.
  • Bright Yellows: Stimulate creativity and energy.
  • Soothing Greens: Promote relaxation and balance.


Selecting the right colors will not only enhance your workspace but also contribute to employees’ well-being.


Geometric Patterns and Mixed Materials

Incorporating geometric patterns into wall paint or wallpaper is a great way to add visual interest and break up large spaces in commercial settings. Popular choices include hexagons, triangles, and bold lines that create eye-catching designs.

  • Mixing materials: Combining various textures like wood, recycled materials, LED lighting, and energy-efficient fixtures along with organic design elements (like live plants) can make your space more inviting for employees and clients alike.


To stay ahead of the curve in commercial painting trends, consider incorporating these techniques into your next project with Aybar Painting. Let us guide you to success.


Textured Walls and Metallic Paint Finishes

Another notable trend in commercial painting is the use of textured walls, which can add depth and character to any space. These textures can be achieved through various painting techniques such as sponging, rag rolling, and combing. Additionally, metallic paint has gained popularity and can be used on exterior walls, trims, ceilings, or even furniture pieces for an eye-catching effect. Metallic paints are versatile and can be applied using brushes, rollers, or spray guns. They work well on accent walls, ceilings, or even small decorative items like picture frames.


Painting Techniques for Creating Texture on Walls

  • Sponging: Dabbing a sponge onto the wall with different shades of paint.
  • Rag Rolling: Rolling a cloth dipped in paint over the surface.
  • Combing: Dragging a comb-like tool through wet paint to create patterns.
Office hallway painted in dark gray

Color Blocking and Ombre Gradients

Incorporating color blocking into your commercial space can create a striking, modern aesthetic. This technique involves using two or more colors together to form bold paint blocks on walls that draw attention. To successfully implement color blocking, follow these tips:

  • Select complementary or contrasting colors for maximum impact.
  • Choose clean lines and geometric shapes for a contemporary look.


Ombre gradients, another popular trend, offer a subtle yet captivating appearance when applied to accent walls, hallways, or ceilings. Achieving this effect requires blending different shades of the same color smoothly from light to dark (or vice versa). Here are some techniques you can use:

  1. Dry brushing: Apply lighter shades first with minimal paint on the brush.
  2. Sponging: Use sponges in various sizes to dab darker shades over lighter ones.


Focus on Low-VOC Paints

The increased focus on sustainability has led to the rise of low-VOC paints and finishes, ensuring healthier working environments by reducing carbon footprints in buildings. Low VOC paints are those that contain less Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Choosing no-VOC options not only helps everyone breathe easier but also contributes positively to overall mental health and inclusivity efforts within business settings.

Benefits of Using Low-VOC and No-VOC Paints

  • Better indoor air quality.
  • Reduced chemical exposure for occupants.
  • Eco-friendly alternative to traditional paint products.
  • Potential LEED credits for green building projects.


Selecting the Right Paint Coatings and Applications

When selecting paint coatings and applications for your commercial space, it’s crucial to consider factors such as longevity, weather resistance, maintenance requirements, and sunlight exposure. These elements play a significant role in ensuring an attractive exterior that can potentially drive foot traffic to brick-and-mortar retailers, while increasing property value.


The Importance of Working with Experienced Painting Contractors

Working with experienced contractors like Aybar Painting ensures you receive expert guidance on choosing the right paints, specifically designed for your unique needs and preferences. This partnership helps create a visually appealing environment that caters to both employees and customers alike. For business owners whose buildings need a fresh coat of paint, Aybar Painting offers a wide range of services, including striking exterior paint jobs, accent walls, and signature colors.


Latest Trends in Commercial Space Painting Techniques and Designs

Geometric patterns are increasingly popular in commercial spaces, adding a touch of modernity and sophistication. Lighter-colored paint is also a trend, as it helps reflect natural light and creates an interior energy-efficient environment. For commercial properties, identifying paints with No-VOC (volatile organic compounds) is a must, as it helps maintain a healthy indoor air quality.

When it comes to exterior paint, coatings that help protect against harsh weather conditions are essential. Additionally, incorporating signature colors and designs can help make your commercial building stand out from the rest.

Overall, working with a professional painting contractor can help you identify the latest trends and techniques in commercial space painting, ensuring your property looks its best and attracts the right attention. Contact Aybar Painting today to learn more about our services and how we can help transform your commercial space.

Man painting an office wall with sky blue paint

FAQs: What Are the Latest Trends in Commercial Space Painting Techniques and Designs?

What are the commercial design trends for 2023?

The commercial design trends for 2023 include zoning with bold colors, geometric patterns, and mixed materials, textured walls, and metallic paint finishes, color blocking, and ombre gradients. Sustainable choices like low-VOC paints are also gaining popularity.

What are the office color trends for 2023?

Office color trends in 2023 focus on creating calming environments using soft neutrals combined with nature-inspired hues such as greens and blues. Bold accent colors can be used to create visual interest or define specific zones within a workspace. To learn more about office color schemes, visit Pantone’s Color of the Year page.

What are the top five areas of commercial interior design?

The top five areas of commercial interior design include:

  1. Retail spaces: stores, boutiques, shopping centers.
  2. Hospitality: hotels, restaurants, bars.
  3. Cultural institutions: museums, galleries.
  4. Educational facilities: schools and universities.
  5. Workspaces: offices and coworking spaces.



The latest trends in commercial space painting techniques and designs include zoning with bold colors, incorporating geometric patterns and mixed materials, creating textured walls with metallic paint finishes, implementing color blocking and ombre gradients, focusing on low-VOC paints for sustainability, selecting the right paint coatings and applications, and staying up to date on current color trends. These techniques can create engaging environments that enhance employee well-being while also being visually appealing.

If you’re looking to update your commercial space with these latest trends in painting techniques and designs, look no further than Aybar Painting. Our experienced contractors can help you select the right coatings and applications for your project while also providing expert guidance on current design trends. Contact us today to learn more!